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Our vision is to provide a comprehensive platform to all those who are willing to get married. We ensure that this platform, where marriage candidates will look for their potential spouses, is secure, reliable, confidential and respectful of your needs.

Start of Ideal Sathi

This project was started after a detailed analysis of the community needs in finding a suitable spouse. We realised that there are several services online and various community groups trying to create lists of people wanting to get married. However, most of them were unstructured efforts, without a clear system in place, causing frustration for the candidate and in some cases their parents too. Therefore, we gathered all those who are experienced in this field to obtain their feedback, collected the views of our scholars and took advice from IT professionals to create the ideal sathi website

And If You Join the Experience?

The main features of the website are:

Safe, Secure, Private & Anonymous Use with confidence and peace of mind.

Excellent Match making experience Multiple options to cater for your needs to find the most suitable match

Affordable Low subscriptions charges. These are required to maintain and improve our services.

Profile Star Rating The more you complete your profile (Featuring Alim Reference) the better your rating and chances of finding a suitable match would be.

Complete Control Easy to use interface and features to make the user journey as smooth as possible

Worldwide Access Provides global coverage for user registration

All of us at Ideal sathi understand the importance of Data Protection and Online Security. All suitable measures are in place to keep your data as secure and compliant as possible. Further details are available in our Privacy Policy.

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Ideal Sathi offers you the opportunity to simply accelerate this process by finding out which is right for you and maybe find your life partner.

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